Pigna | Pigna Thermae 18037 Pigna, Province of Imperia, Italy
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In the province of Imperia are the Pigna Thermae, which are among the most renowned spas in the Liguria region.
The Pigna Thermae are fed by waters that flow from the ancient Madonna Assunta spring at a temperature between 28 and 32 ° C. It is sulphurous waters very rich in minerals, with therapeutic properties. The first chemical analyzes on the waters of Pigna were carried out towards the second half of the nineteenth century, while in the early years of the twentieth century, to meet the needs of the first tourists, special rooms were built inside which there were troughs, where you could take baths with sulphurous water. In 1954 the first thermal establishment with an adjoining swimming pool was inaugurated; today the Terme di Pigna are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and offer various treatments, including hydropinic and inhalational treatments, balneotherapy, mud therapy, lymphatic drainage, massage therapy, thalassotherapy and aromatherapy. We also practice pressotherapy, reflexology, lava stone massages and motor rehabilitation. Turkish bath, ayurveda, shiatsu, beauty treatments and fitness complete the offer. Thermal waters are used to treat cardiovascular, otorhinolaryngology and respiratory diseases; they are also indicated for skin, gynecological, rheumatic-skeletal disorders.

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