LIMONE | SAN REMO (Via Triora)

130 KmSuitable for experienced cyclists Elevation Gain: + 3.088 m - Total Descent: 3.556 m - Maximum Altitude Reached: 2.250m

This interesting alternative to the “Via Pigna” itinerary descends directly to the sea, allowing you to see more of inland Liguria, but has a challenging uphill section in the middle. Cyclists can follow itinerary 2 as far as the Bassa di Sanson junction, where they should turn onto the narrow road that leads down on the left. It soon becomes a long, sealed road leading to the mountain village of Realdo, and joins the main road not long after. The route continues down the narrow Valle di Verdeggia and subsequently along the left side of the Valle Argentina, then a gentle ascent leads to the magical village of Triora, famous for the witch trials that took place there in the late 16th century.

Leaving the village behind, the road winds its way to Molini di Triora, between steep ridges and partly terraced wooded spurs. From here, instead of heading to Arma di Taggia via the rather uninspiring road along the valley floor, we suggest ascending to Colla di Langan, among the thick woods, and continuing on the left, through a solitary landscape of woods and grasslands. Higher up, you will approach and skirt the grassy forked peak of Monte Ceppo, before reaching the Ghimbegna Pass, with a stunning view over the village of Bajardo. The settlement has Celtic origins and is characterized by the striking ruins of its old church. From Bajardo you can join itinerary 3 (Limone–Ventimiglia “Via Pigna”) via the rough road that leads down to the mountain village of Castel Vittorio, or better still, go through Apricale, a village resembling a nativity scene, and Isolabona, to emerge in Valle Nervia, just before Dolceacqua.

If instead you wish to continue from Bajardo towards Sanremo, a high road with sea views runs across the mountainside of Monte Bignone as far as the little village of San Romolo, from where it finally leads down to Sanremo, via a steep descent. Of course, you can also join the “Ciclabile del Mare” cycle route from Sanremo to enjoy the Ligurian coast, both eastward as far as San Lorenzo al Mare and westward in the direction of Ospedaletti-Ventimiglia. Itineraries 3 and 4 – for the return journey, you can take the train from Ventimiglia to Limone-Cuneo, to which you can also connect from Sanremo. Another option is offered by the inter-regional trains to Turin via Savona and Ceva, on which passengers heading to Cuneo or Limone must change at Fossano. Alternatively, you can book the return journey by minibus on



Limone Piemonte, Ormea-Upega di Briga Alta, Triora, Pigna, La Brigue and Tenda; plus entrances from Valle Gesso and Valle Pesio for hikers and mountain bikers only. Tickets can be purchased locally at the tollbooths in Limone and Briga Alta.




Access to the Alta Via del Sale is subject to specific Regulations aimed at preserving the road and the surrounding area, and at ensuring the safety of those who access it (walkers, cyclists and motor vehicles). Visitors must be aware of and respect the rules contained within them, determined by the conditions of the route (narrow roadway, lack of protective barriers, etc.) and marked by signage at the entrances to it and along it. The road can be reached by motor vehicle from six different access points: Limone Piemonte, Ormea-Upega di Briga Alta, Triora, Pigna, La Brigue and Tenda; and from the entrances in Valle Gesso and Valle Pesio, exclusively for experienced hikers and mountain bikers (in good physical condition).
Entrance is free of charge for hikers and cyclists, while the road is open to motor vehicles upon payment of a toll, payable here, or at the entrances in Limone Piemonte, Cabanaira, Bosco delle Navette, Ponte Giairetto and Briga Alta.
The stretch of the road between Loxe (Briga Alta) and Cabanaira (Limone Piemonte) is accessible only to motor vehicles (suitable for driving on unsealed mountain roads) in possession of a transit permit. 
The road is closed to motor vehicles all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is open every day to walkers and cyclists.
In the case of unforeseen circumstances – including weather conditions – affecting safety, the local authorities may nonetheless prohibit transit even to holders of valid permits.




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