40 Km Suitable for experienced cyclists Elevation Gain: +1.760 m - Total Descent: 200 m - Maximum Altitude Reached: 2.150 m

The Duke's Way can be travelled on mountain bike or on foot and is an important access route from the lower province of Cuneo and the Monregale area to the Alta Via del Sale, which crosses the splendid scenery of the Parco del Marguareis along an old military carriage road that has been recently restored. From Chiusa di Pesio, head up the picturesque valley of the same name on the ordinary roads, passing through meadows and chestnut groves. You will pass the hamlets of Vigna and San Bartolomeo, and the ancient Carthusian monastery, with its delightful cloister. Alternatively, Valle Pesio can be reached from Sant’Anna di Prea in Valle Ellero via a more challenging route, which climbs right up under the summit of Monte Pigna, before descending to the Carthusian monastery along the Borgate path. From Villaggio d’Ardua you can take the unsealed track on the right. The valley becomes even narrower and takes on Alpine features, soon leading to the clearing of the Piano delle Gorre mountain hut.

Here there are challenging mountain-bike trails for adventurous cyclists, which lead from the valley floor to the Carthusian monastery, through mountain pastures dotted with farmhouses (Marguareis Bike, Sentiero Chiusa – Certosa, etc.). From the plateau, the unsealed carriage road continues between tall conifers to the Cascate del Saut ford. The former military road 194 has been restored and the road bed is in excellent condition. The wide, easy route continues through a scenic fir-wood, then from Gias degli Arpi starts to wind through the rugged Alpine valley of the same name, with more open terrain and long, evenly spaced hairpin bends. Leaving behind the meadows of Colle del Prel, following a narrower crossing and a little ramp where you’ll need to get off your bike and push it, you’ll reach the narrow mountain pass known as the Passo del Duca, marked by several striking pinnacles. From here on the road has been restored but the surface has been left in its natural state and is thus more challenging. A wild and very scenic stretch, with some gentle ascents and descents among limestone rocks and dwarf mountain pines, leads to Gias delle Ortiche.

Here the former military road gradually climbs through the spectacular Carsene region, hugging the rugged terrain, past fields of karst rock formations, loose stones and sinkholes, between Cima della Fascia and the Marguareis Group. You will eventually reach the Morgantini caving hut, from where the road crosses the French border, with two possible routes down. On the left, a grassy service track leads to the nearby unsealed route of the Alta Via del Sale, in the direction of the Don Barbera mountain hut (itinerary 2). If you prefer to continue on the other side towards Limone Piemonte, then take the original route of the former military road on the right, which is narrower and has a few exposed stretches, to emerge near Colle della Boaria.



Limone Piemonte, Ormea-Upega di Briga Alta, Triora, Pigna, La Brigue and Tenda; plus entrances from Valle Gesso and Valle Pesio for hikers and mountain bikers only. Tickets can be purchased locally at the tollbooths in Limone and Briga Alta.




Access to the Alta Via del Sale is subject to specific Regulations aimed at preserving the road and the surrounding area, and at ensuring the safety of those who access it (walkers, cyclists and motor vehicles). Visitors must be aware of and respect the rules contained within them, determined by the conditions of the route (narrow roadway, lack of protective barriers, etc.) and marked by signage at the entrances to it and along it. The road can be reached by motor vehicle from six different access points: Limone Piemonte, Ormea-Upega di Briga Alta, Triora, Pigna, La Brigue and Tenda; and from the entrances in Valle Gesso and Valle Pesio, exclusively for experienced hikers and mountain bikers (in good physical condition).
Entrance is free of charge for hikers and cyclists, while the road is open to motor vehicles upon payment of a toll, payable here, or at the entrances in Limone Piemonte, Cabanaira, Bosco delle Navette, Ponte Giairetto and Briga Alta.
The stretch of the road between Loxe (Briga Alta) and Cabanaira (Limone Piemonte) is accessible only to motor vehicles (suitable for driving on unsealed mountain roads) in possession of a transit permit. 
The road is closed to motor vehicles all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is open every day to walkers and cyclists.
In the case of unforeseen circumstances – including weather conditions – affecting safety, the local authorities may nonetheless prohibit transit even to holders of valid permits.


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